Christmas Party at Kayak Bar

Are you looking for the place for your Christmas party for your company, football team, yoga studio or just with your good friends? Then Kayak Bar once again this year provide you with an awesome cozy Christmas party under the Knippelsbro in rustic historical setting, right on the waterfront in the center of the capital, Copenhagen.

We can organize your event between the 14th of November and the 20th of December.

We provide cozy surroundings with warm blankets, heat lamps, fairy lights, hot dishes on the grill and fire in the oil drums outside in the cold season.

Of course, all food is homemade with loving festive Christmas atmosphere and a glass of schnapps. Hurry to book your party at Kayak Bar. There are not so many elves, but lots of Christmas warmth.

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Christmas party (20-150 pers.)

Christmas Menu: 250,-
Premium Menu with cheese and schnapps: 300,-

First Fish:

– Herring fillets with horseradish filling, served with pickled vegetables.
– Smoked eel with scrambled eggs and chives.

From the Grill:

– Grilled Danish sausage served with balsamic braised red cabbage.

– Smoked duck breast with celery puree and orange sauce.

– Warm liver pate with mushrooms and bacon.

From the Stone oven:

– Red wine braised lamb shank.


– Vanilla panna cotta with port wine poached cherries

MIDNIGHT SNACK (20-150 pers.)

– Soup 50,-

– Omelette with fresh vegetables and bacon 50,-

RECEPTION (20-150 pers.)

– Snacks, salt and dip 40,-

– Buffet, cheese with chili jam, smoked duck breast and Danish sausage 80,-

DRINKS (20-150 pers.)

Welcome drink

– Kir with bubbles, cava with blackcurrant liqueur 60,-

– Republic Hot Punch, vodka, elderflower, white wine and lime 60,-

Wine and Beer

– House wine, white, red or rosé. 150,-

– Draught beer whole keg, Albani Pilsner 30 L.(75 glasses of 40 cl.) 1.875,-

– Draught beer whole keg, Christmas beer or Heineken 30 L. (75 glasses of 40 cl.) 2.175,-

Coffee & Avec

– Coffee and tea ad libitum with chocolate. 40,-

– Avec, cognac, sherry og baileys. 75,-


– Draught beer, wine, shots and long drinks 10 clips  300,-

– Draught beer, wine, shots and long drinks 5 clips 200,-


The prices is at ordering and prepayment, and paid deposit is needed. Final numbers of guest and payment no later than 10 days before the event.


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